Hydrosport – the rib for you !!!

Sinds 2013 zijn we de invoerder van de Hydrosport ribs voor de Benelux en het wordt er steeds beter op.

In deze 8 jaar, hebben we reeds een aantal ribs verkocht, en iedere klant die er eentje gekocht heeft is super tevreden met z’n aankoop.  Modellen van 4.74 – 5.65 t.e.m. de 737, de 828 en de 909VFI

Wil je een betaalbare, super mooie en strakke rib zonder teveel poespas, maar krachtig op het water, stabiel en vooral ook zuinig, mail ons dan even om je te helpen bij je aankoop!!!

We kunnen elke rib voor je bouwen zoals “jij” die wil..een 100% pure “Hydrosport”

Met sportieve groeten




Heb je interesse in een Hydrosport Rib, custom built in Portugal, laat ons dan een mailtje en we helpen je graag met je aankoop!!!

Our models

Coach Rib

The CoachRIB is the ideal rib for a sailing coach or any other support function that demands long days at sea. With the extremely deep V-hull in the bow it offers confort and safety even in the hardest conditions. In most ribs of equivalente size you will feel beaten up after 8 hours at sea. In a CoachRIB after 8 hours at sea, you feel like going for dinner! Besides the soft ride of a CoachRIB, it has also a very dry ride that really has to be experienced to be fully appreciated.

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    Hydrosport Rib 828

    Sometimes a 9m is just a little too big, so we developed the Hydrosport RIB828 for charter professionals that need a blue water RIB. With the added volume in the bow, this is a serious RIB for serious business.

    Rib 1111

    Voor meer info, neem contact met ons op!

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      Rib 646

      If you are looking for an easy to launch, yet spacious rib, you might just have found one. When we first created the legendary RIB636 we mainly focused on sea keeping abilities and swift handling. With the new RIB646 we have kept those caracteristics, but added a whole lot of space! With more than 1,5m internal beam there is space for the whole family and with the huge 170 litre fuel tank you can keep it going the whole weekend without worries.

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        Hydrosport Rib 737

        Rib 737

        Being the first development in the new range of Hydrosport RIBs, the RIB737 sets the benchmark for what we do best: tough machines for the big sea.

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          Rib 909 VFI

          Redundancies is a keyword when it comes to the Hydrosport RIB909. Every possibility has been accounted for. Nothing is left to chance.

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